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Subscriptions to the Blacksmith's Journal
No Longer Available

On-line subscriptions to the Blacksmith's Journal are no longer available
but you can buy available back issues in digital format or hardcopy here in the On-Line Store.

If you would like to preview content already published in the back issues, go to the Archives page.

Buying and Downloading Single Back Issues

Single back issues, available by electronic downloading, are in the store under the category of Back Issues. You may purchase them using the shopping cart and there are no shipping charges applied. When you finish checking out, the receipt for your purchase will be displayed on the screen. At the top, you'll see a download link(s) to click to immediately retrieve the issue(s) you purchased. You will need Acrobat Reader (or a similar reader) to view and print the issue(s) in high quality .pdf format.

Buying Hardcopy Back Issues

Hardcopy back issues may be purchased in the on-line store. You will find them under the category of Back Issues. There are still over 150 different back issues still available in hardcopy. Some of the oldest hardcopy back issues are no longer available and will not be reprinted. When an issue is sold out, it is removed from the products in the store. If you have ordered a back issue that is no longer available, we will send you an email to ask if you would like a substitution.

Store Credit for Subscription Balances

The last issue of the Blacksmith's Journal was published in April 2010. If you had a subscription during this time that was due to expire after May 30, 2010 you may qualify for store credit for the remaining months from your on-line subscription. Using the contact page on this site, you may inquire about store credit by providing the user name of your on-line subscription account. Store credit will be offered until June 30, 2011.