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Issue 98 starts out with a garden bridge that's a real asset to any garden landscaping design. All the components of this bridge should be relatively easy for a blacksmith with basic skills to make. It is placed on poured concrete footings with angle iron anchors that keep it in place.

ToolCrib covers Lou Mueller's shop in Fenton Missouri this month. Lou is an experienced tool maker who has equipped his shop with many of his creations. This length and size gauge is one example. The following three designs came from his shop.

Lou's version of the Smithing Magician (aka Blacksmith's Helper) features in-line support pillars welded to a heavy metal plate. Shims placed between the die guides provide the correct tolerance for accurate work.

This easy to make tool is used to make rounded shoulders at the end of a bar. Shims are used to adjust one of the dies for various sizes of stock (the other die is welded in place). Use for bases on candle sticks and other free-standing objects.

Vise blocks are used to balance the load on both ends of vise jaws when stock cannot be held in the middle. This set of vise blocks is easy to make and the special rack that holds them is handy for use near the vise.

Finally, all the tools described above and many more can be found in the coverage of Lou's shop in ToolCrib this month.