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The second installment of the ABANA 2000 gate project (see issue #95 for the first installment) outlines the process that led to a tentative design for the gate. This design is based on an underground hinge system in which heavy offset back bars relieve stress on the hinges. In the next update details are worked out and a shop drawing will be completed.

Two styles of open end wrenches forged out of spring stock in issue 97 make an easy project for blacksmiths with beginner or intermediate skill levels.

The model for this unusual wrench comes from a German variation made by Mauser (more famous for their rifles than their tools). The main feature is the “quick adjust” lever that disengages the thumb screw.

Pintles made the traditional way by wrapping the stock around the pin before forge welding are subject to splitting where the pin meets the lap. Guy Garey, a New Zealand blacksmith, sent us the "improved hinge pentle" feature published this month.

The shop featured in ToolCrib this month is Doug Hendrickson's Peola Valley Forge, located in Lesterville Missouri. Along with details about his shop, you'll find out why a local Baptist preacher supplies Doug with neckties for dressing up the sow block of his air hammer.