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Hammers such as this claw hammer are easier to make than one might expect. The handle hole is punched square to spread the material laterally, then the expanded metal is drawn down against a drift to form the rectangular hole. Once this is done it's a relatively easy matter to cut out a blank and forge the claw and face.

Helmut Hellenkamp submitted this idea for making a rose out of a 1" round bar. Geometric shapes are made by sawing into the end of the bar, then they are spread out and forged flat to make the rose petals. The stock under the petals is cut and forged to form leaves and stem.

Howard McCall has figured out how to make an angled tenon without forging in the traditional way. It makes joining members at a steep angle accurate and easy.

Also in the July issue is the announcement of a two year gate building project for the ABANA 2000 conference that will include regular updates in the Blacksmith's Journal. This is the most extensive project ever presented in the Journal and it will culminate in live demonstrations at the ABANA conference.