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Shop drawings and step by step illustrations of a desk lamp begin issue 94. The components for this lamp include a bundle of 1/4" rounds to which collars are forge welded when they are still flat. The bundle is then bent into a tube shape to become the body of the lamp.

The base for the lamp is forged out of flat stock that is split and spread into an "X" shape. The ends are then upset and drawn out laterally and bent downward to become feet. The base is then attached to the body of the lamp.

Following the lamp are three anvil accessories that are sure to help make working at the anvil just a little easier. The first is a hold-down tool that is driven into the pritchel hole to keep the work in place.

The next accessory will enable you to make use of all the hardy tools bought at tool sales that are too small to fit your anvil. Hardy hole inserts reduce the size of hole as much as needed to work with any hardy tool smaller than the ones that fit the existing hole. For example, the odd-sized 1 1/8" hole found on many 200 lb Hay-Budden anvils can be reduced to the more common 1" size.

Finally, with just two simple tools that fit in your hardy and pritchel holes, you'll be able to make quick accurate right angle bends that would normally have to be made in a vise.