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Issue 93 begins with a hosta leaf forged out of 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle iron. The sharp edge on the outside and rounded edge on the inside of the angle iron are prefectly suited for the shape of the stem and blade of a hosta leaf. Reppouse techniques are used for the veining of the leaf.

Lever type gate handles are commonly found on walkway gates, security doors, etc. This one is made from 3/4” square stock; it can be drilled for a variety of lock sets. Six different styles in all are illustrated. Included are instructions on how to apply an "invisible" clear finish.

The thorns in this twist are created when the stock is twisted 180°. Use of a treadle hammer or striker is recommended, and careful layout plus accurate use of the hot-cut chisel is important in producing a “clean“ finished product.