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Hand wheels are used on machinery, often in conjunction with an acme thread for adjusting work tables, tool posts, etc. You can order one from McMaster-Carr for about $50 or put your blacksmithing skills to work and create your own. This one features spokes forged from the hub stock and brazed to a forge welded wheel.

Structural steel offers a wide range of cross sections useful for making molding, grooves and other decorative elements in all kinds of projects. Here the focus is on post bases where the shapes are used to make interesting profiles. Most of the welding is done on the inside of the post. sections that require a long bead on the outside can be stitched and filled with automotive body filler to save time and minimize warpage.

The simplicity of this door knocker makes it both easy to make and elegant at the same time. It's made from two pieces of 1" square, drawn and finished on one end for the hinge and left square on the other for the knocker.