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Four different ornaments, all made by splitting and lap welding stock to the body of a baluster, begin the March issue. The use of a hot cut is shown, but you'll find splitting with a metal cutting band saw (if you have one) is more efficient.

Surface patterns may be used in bars and plates to embellish plain surfaces (eg: “Keepsake Box”, shown in a previous issue). Explore three examples of this technique this month.

This railing is easy to make because it contains only one basic element. The scroll that serves as a basis for the design is turned 90° and repeated four times to create the design. Traditional joinery may be used, or the the whole piece may be fabricated by cutting and welding.

Making a good sharp upset square corner in flat stock can be difficult. An alternative (other than arc welding) is notching, scarfing and forge welding as illustrated in the March issue.

A few issues back, a drawing was published in the Journal for the 1998 ABANA conference ring project. The current issue shows the surprisingly simple way in which it is made.