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The January issue is devoted to the construction of a gate from start to finish. This gate design was first introduced in the February 1991 issue of the Journal as a feature on presentation drawings. Both the presentation drawing feature and another one on layout drawings in the April 1991 issue can be applied as a first step for this project. The current information includes forging, machining, fabrication and installation of the gate. The overall design is based on a system whereby the gate is installed on a site where no previous structure exists. This system makes it possible to "pre-hang" the gates so that they are perfectly aligned, and insures that they will stay aligned for years to come. This is achieved by hanging the gates on steel armatures embedded in a common foundation before the masonry columns are built.

A clever tong rein holder is one of the blacksmiths' accessories featured. It goes on from the side and slides down the reins to tighten them.

The rail part of of the "Post and Rail" features a repousse finial that uses the forged end of the horizontal as part of its surface.