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Hand wheels are used on machinery, often in conjunction with an acme thread for adjusting work tables, tool posts, etc. You can order one from McMaster-Carr for about $50 or put your blacksmithing skills to work and create your own. This one features spokes forged from the hub stock and brazed to a forge welded wheel.

The ABANA Conference is right around the corner and the chapter "rings" tradition will continue for the fourth time. All the ABANA chapters have been asked to donate rings from which the final six will be chosen for use in the project. This example is a variation of the grill featured in the November issue of the Journal. It is an example of what can be done with a ring design.

This devise is used to organize and adjust the depth of stock in the fire. It is made from 1/2" material that is tapered with a power hammer or cut with a torch, and fullered.
It is one of eight tips in the Dialogue feature.