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Issue 83 contains a large amount of technical information about files, including charts on Machinists' and Swiss Pattern files. Step by step illustrations for making a 19th century door latch begins this issue and will be concluded in the August issue. Also this month is the volume 1-7 Blacksmith's Journal Index.

Filing is an important skill for every blacksmith to learn. The July issue features an in-depth study of filing techniques, file types and use of files by blacksmiths.

A post vise stand (this one is on wheels) makes it possible to "float" a vise around the shop for various needs. It can also be taken to a job site if necessary where it can be used close to the work.

This small latch is representitive of a series of latches made in the mid to late 19th century. They featured a knob and cam-lock in conjunction with a more traditional drop bar.