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Issue 82 looks at some additional possibilities for the finials shown last month. New subjects include information about Hossfeld Benders, shop tips and a new hammering technique.

No blacksmith shop is complete without a Hossfeld Bender. Issue 82 explores some of the basic die setups of this useful tool and shows how to make some of your own custom dies.

If you're interested in a new hammering technique that's easy on your arm and uses the weight and velocity of the hammer rather than brute force to get the job done, this feature is for you.

Two kinds of anvil hold down tools, a flux spoon that doubles as a can opener and a place to put your oxy-acetylene torch round out the " hot tips" this month.

This open forming die speeds up the process of making the finials shown in last months issue, while preserving some of the hand-hammered characteristics of the piece.

For those who prefer traditional techniques, this method of welding a
finial to heavier bar stock will be of interest. The same technique can be
used to weld leaves and blades to bar stock.