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The main feature of issue 81 is a mixed-material post and rail intended for use on a balcony or porch roof. Other features include a "fire mop" that is better than a traditional water can used for controlling coal fires, and a tong rein holder that works on a wide variety of tongs.

The post part of the "Post and Rail" feature is constructed with1 x 8 pine, redwood or cedar. Redwood or cedar is prefered for its risistance to rot, even though it's painted. The cap, nestled between the 1 x 8's, is turned from a solid peice of wood.

A clever tong rein holder is one of the blacksmiths' accessories featured. It goes on from the side and slides down the reins to tighten them.

The rail part of of the "Post and Rail" features a repousse finial that uses the forged end of the horizontal as part of its surface.