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Following are descriptions of the features in Issue #77 of the Blacksmith's Journal. Also included in this issue are "Sketchbook" examples of railing designs and a window grill.

Issue #22 of the Journal shows how to make a simple hinge eye by rolling the stock. The problem with this technique is that if the hinge joint ever becomes stiff from lack of lubrication the eye may open up when used. To prevent this problem, the seam where the end of the stock meets the body of the hinge can be brazed in the forge. Step by step illustrations show how this is done

There is more to power hammers than just drawing out stock. A few of the many tools used by well-known blacksmith Clifton Ralph are used to make a coat hook under a 100# hammer. This may seem like a lot of power for such a small item, but, as you'll see, "big" hammers can handle jobs both large and small as long as you have the right tooling.