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Excerpt from
Issue #213 October 2008

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Luminarias are small lanterns used mostly for decorative purposes. Their origin can be traced to Mexico where they are used during Christmas time. Our forged version consists of linked segments suspended over an inner frame that houses a candle. the segments are forged out of 3/16” x 11/4” stock and the frame is fabricated using 1/8” flat stock and 1/4” round stock.

Back in April 2006 the Blacksmith’s Journal published the first installment of a feature that would cover the design, building and installation of a spiral staircase and railing in a nineteenth century schoolhouse under renovation. Issue 183 covered the beginning of the project—it included preliminary measurements and discussion of design possibilities. In issue 184 the ball was rolling and the construction details of the staircase and railing were laid out. Funding for this project was dependent on the sale of the owners home and when it didn’t sell construction was postponed and actual fabrication of the ironwork was never begun. Earlier this year the the money started flowing again and the job was completed. Following are photos and drawings of the work and the finished product.