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Excerpt from
Issue #209 May 2008

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In issue 163 the “Spring Tension Series” shows the conceptual drawing for this piece. The idea is to create actual spring tension, then augment it visually in some way. In this case, the torsion spring creates the illusion of spreading the two branches apart. This example is 9” x 13” x 2½”; it could also be scaled up and fabricated as a much larger sculpture.

Installation of the sundial (Issue 208) went smoothly except for two of the holes drilled in the masonry for securing the dial. The masonry drill wandered off center by about ¼” making the screws impossible to secure. The holes were for 3/8” machine screw drive anchors that had to line up with countersunk holes where flat head screws were used. The solution was to make the following offset stud plates that screwed into the misaligned holes.