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Excerpt from
Issue #203 December 2007

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Blacksmith’s Journal friend Reed Oswalt sent these photos of one of his finds. He writes: “I ran into this at the Grampian Mountains in Victoria Australia. There had been Chinese gold miners in the area. I thought this was rather an unique way to build a wheel barrow wheel...” This is a good example of forge welding used in a clever way. The most critical challenge is to make a hand forged wheel that actually runs true. A few simple jigs (pages 2607 and 2608) address this problem. The two sizes of stock needed are ½” round and ¼” x 1¼” flat.

Doug Hendrickson originated this twist several years ago and called it a “chop saw twist” because he cut the facets with a chop saw. Our version is cut using a hack saw with about the same result. This twist is a lot like the “Rubiks cube twist” (see BSJ issue 41), but with a spiral running through it. The ends have been drawn out for forge welding to ½” square stock.