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Excerpt from
Issue #191 December 2006

Six examples of miscellaneous joiney appear in issue 191. Each example shows and example of how it looks and a description of how it is made.

This bracket can be used with any 1 curtain rod. Use a clear finish on the iron after wire brushing and reheating in the forge to get an even gray oxidized surface. The resulting contrast between the iron and a cherry or oak curtain rod works well in any room.

This hinge can be made in a variety of sizes based on the size of stock you start with. The only rule is that the stock be twice as wide as it is thick, so sizes like 1/4x 1/2, 3/8x 3/4 or 1/2x 1 can be used. It features a solid barrel instead of the more common wrapped barrel.

The radius corners of this coffee table top become anchor points for the legs. Each anchor point for the one inch square legs is made in a different pattern. The table top is hardwood with an x-brace underneath for support.