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Excerpt from
Issue #190 November 2006

This vessel features a tightly formed scroll that makes a hinged lid. The body is offset and riveted to match the top.

Most ornamental ironwork designs are symmetric in form—they present a sense of order and organized repetition. Asymmetric forms disturb the book-matched repetition of symmetric forms and refocus the center of the composition in interesting ways. Issue 190 explores some examples of asymmetric forms and how they are used in ironwork.

These flame finials are made from three pieces of stock forge welded to fence pickets. Each one is shaped differently along the top line of the fence.

Here's an idea sent in by Scott Hornbaker for mounting a Smithin' Magician in a fly press. The position of the pin and the diameter of the washer work together so that the washer doesn't hit the pin on the down stroke. The setup is just heavy enough to lift the top die.