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Excerpt from
Issue #184 May 2006

Last month we outlined the “Schoolhouse Project” in which we began following the design, construction and installation of a loft railing and spiral staircase. We ended with the submission of a plan to the customer. We continue this month with a forged sample of their selection and how to make it.

This forge is patterned after a farriers forge, except the opening is carried around to the sides of the hood, making it adaptable for almost any blacksmithing project. One of the most appealing aspects of this design is that smoke doesn’t escape around the edges of the hood like other over-the-hearth hoods. The 11” gap between the hearth and the hood is small enough to prevent this problem. It may not be quite as versatile as its open hearth counterpart, but it will help keep the shop clean and clear of dust and smoke.

The "Leaf and Tendril project is completed this month with the addition of mounting hardware for attaching to a cabinet door.