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Excerpt from
Issue #170 March 2005

These fireplace doors are unique in a couple of ways. First, they use a back bar hinge system usually found on gates. This gives a bolder look for the rather large (4’ high x 5’wide) fireplace opening. The other unique feature is the recessed fabricated plate that provides room for the floral elements on each side of the doors.

Just about every shop you walk into has some scrap of rusty steel that has something written or drawn on it. It’s because rusty steel makes an excellent surface for marking with soap stone, chalk or white charcoal pencil—so we decided to make it official. You might think any old chalkboard hung on the wall would do the job, but what really makes our “rustboard” special are the magnetic note holders forged from bar stock and fitted with small rare earth magnets. They can be forged anyway you please, sawn off and drilled for a magnet.

The corners of the rustboard need to be set with a ¾” set tool, made for this project. To save time the ¾” square S-7 was drilled through in two spots and fitted with a metal handle. (If it had been slotted and drifted hot for a wooden handle the steel would have to be annealed overnight before hardening.)

Presentation drawings can be as simple as a sketch in a notepad or as complex as a detailed computer image. These drawings can make a big difference in being able to sell a job. Pencil renderings and drawings are the norm, but if you want to go to the next level, you’ll need the help of a computer. Issue 170 shhows a bitmap image that actually places the work at the site for the most effective portrayal.