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Excerpt from
Issue # 167 December 2004

The design for this strap hinge is based on the technique of making longitudinal slits in the strap with a hot-cut chisel. These slits are opened to form the negative spaces of a “woven” pattern. The strap is pinned to a flush mounted butt plate that is hot cut and opened to receive the strap.

We have covered a variety of hinge designs and applications in the pages of the Blacksmiths Journal, and realize we have really only scratched the surface. Common types of hinges we’ve covered include those for gates, cabinets and doors. This month we have collected some of these ideas into a sampling that focuses on cabinet and door hinges. Additional information for these examples can be found in issues 22, 23, 69, 73, 77, 97, and 135 of the Blacksmith’s Journal.