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Excerpt from
Issue #162 July 2004

Unlike square stock, making a 45° chamfer on flat stock can be tough because there is no way to adequately back up the work. One solution is this hardy tool made from ˝” x 1˝” stock. It cradles the work and makes possible solid 45° hammer blows. The tool stock is shouldered and bent to form both the square hardy stem and flat work surface. The version shown here is for a 11/8” hardy hole; size the stem accordingly for other size holes.

Scroll tongs are one of the handiest tools in the shop for bending small stock freehand. This pair begins as 5/8” square stock and features swaged handles for a better grip. Use for anything from making scrolls and hooks to tweaking finished forge work.

Knowing how hot your forge is running makes it possible to save fuel, and forge materials such as bronze and tool steel at specified temperatures. A way to achieve this for blacksmith forges was first developed by Art Jones, then adapted by Toby Hickman, whose forges are featured here. The heart of the system is a controller board with a digital readout that controls the blower and gas supply. Complete details can be found in issue 162.

This hardy style bending fork is made from square stock the same size of the hardy hole, in this case 11/8” square. It should be a tough steel such as 4130, but a high carbon 1090 or W1 will work as long as it is “spring tempered” (Rc 48, or 700°F).