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Excerpt from
Issue #160 May 2004

Heres a quick solution to lifting a heavy load if there is a beam in your shop. Its not as handy as a trolley, but it can be used to load or unload a truck or cart, lift heavy projects and more. It adjusts to fit any size beam (photo, left, shown on an 8 beam).

Designed for 2 square candles, this holder features stems hot cut from the base material. It is made from material, but can also be made from 5/16or 3/8 stock for a bolder appearance. Two variations on the design appear in issue 160.

Monkey tools are used to square the shoulder of a tenon after drawing it out. Round tenon monkey tools can be made by simply drilling a hole in the end of the stock. Square and round tools require that the hole be drifted and shaped hot. The tool shown here is for a 3/8x 3/4 tenon.