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Excerpt from
Issue #158 March 2004

Our hinged candle holder can be arranged into a variety of configurations including square, diamond, and zig-zag. Add more holders for pentagon, hexagon, and other configurations. The 3/8x 3/4 stock must be slot punched , split and drawn out before bending to the final shape.

Issue 158 also explores the design process when developing a new idea. Most designs are the result of an evolutionary process. They build upon things we have already seen or known about. The idea for the candle holder shown this month was inspired by a manufactured hinged candle holder. It was fabricate from cast parts linked together to form a free-standing design. Using this concept, hot work techniques were applied as a basis for creating a new design. Four steps in developing a design are: Recycle Ideas, Establish Proportion, Make Joinery the Focus, and Define Space.