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Excerpt from
Issue #157 February 2004

This month’s floor lamp has two unique design features. The first one is a height adjustable hinged arm held in place with a thumb screw. The other one is an exposed electrical cord that passes through collar-like keepers. Lamp parts were salvaged from a desk lamp purchased at Wal Mart. A bail was added and the lamp hung from the arm.

Drawn out stock of a given length must often start at a specific point. It’s safer to draw out too much stock than it is to estimate an exact amount and come up short. Here are two methods of achieving the desired length.
The bridge lamp in Issue 157 requires making square corners. We show how to make two kinds of square corners used in the lamp. One half the thickness of the stock is lost in the length of both legs.

James Cokewell, Royal Oak, MI originated this idea for using a 3/8” round stop pin to make any size thickness of stock. This die set is also available is available in our on-line store.