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Issue #155 December 2003
Spring shears, made in a variety of sizes, can be used for anything from cutting paper to trimming grass. When made correctly from good steel they can cut as well as most scissors. The spring shear featured here is made from from 7/16 4140 hex stock we found in the shop, however they can also be made from round or square stock too. 4140, 1095 and O2 are all good steel choices.

This inexpensive, easy to build forge features a built up heating chamber that can be configured to match the job at hand (two possible configurations are shown). The burner mounts under the forge outside the heating chamber so the end of the nozzle is never exposed to the intense heat inside the forge. Standard 9x 4x 2 firebrick is used fo the hearth floor. The heating chamber can be made of a variety of brick sizes or in combination with ceramic wool.

This whimsical character cant get the stopper out of the bottle until youre ready to help him. Its made from a single piece of 3/16x 1 stock.
Sometimes the first idea isnt the best one, so its usually best not to stop with just one drawing of it. Working within a theme that uses a specific technique such as the fabricated post in this railing makes it easier for the design to evolve. If you make your living doing ironwork you may not want to show your customers the variations though, they might pick one you dont like.