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The core design feature of this railing is the swaged pipe and wrapped joinery that adds a little “visual energy”, discussed in issue 152. Just two sizes of stock are required: ¾” round and 1¼” sch. 40 pipe.

Les Stanley, Sharon ON Canada, has released a new book that got our attention recently. Its a compilation of “ideas” about blacksmithing gathered over the years from his own experience, and from other blacksmiths he has known. We decided to illustrate some of those ideas here (these illustrations do not appear in the book). To get a copy of “Just an Idea”, call 800-944-6134 or put it in your shopping cart at

Establishing a comfortable, effective stance and hammering technique is essential to producing good work and reducing the possibility of injury to your arms and back. To reduce back strain, make sure your anvil is at the proper height and avoid bending at the waist as much as possible. Forming the right habits early will pay off for years to come.