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We’ve been putting the gas forge prototype first seen in issue #149 through it’s paces in the Blacksmith’s Journal shop, and it’s been a real joy to work with. We explain some minor changes to the design, including moving the burner to the side, in issue 151.

Included in the forge update is a new burner design. Its main feature is an adjustable air inlet for fine tuning the burner at a given pressure. We chose the sleeve design as opposed to the more common air horn design for production purposes (the mechanical tubing components can easily be laser cut). The feature was compiled using notes from the construction of our prototype.

Square tubing is an unlikely material for blacksmiths—it’s more associated with fabricated work. However, it is easy to forge, and has unique characteristics not found in solid stock. Heavy wall tubing is preferred over the light wall variety, and we’ve chosen 1” square x 11 ga. because it is a common size that is easy to work. Caution: Whenever heating pipe or tubing, plug the end not being worked.

Over the years piles of discarded ironwork made as both test pieces and finished products have accumulated in our shop. We recently dragged out some of these rusty relics and located the issues to which they belong. May they rust in piece.