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Unlike coal forges, most gas forges swallow up your stock, heating much more of it than you can possibly work in one heat.  Obtaining short heats for twisting, upsetting, etc. is difficult at best, and they waste a lot of fuel.  Our new forge is only 6” deep, making it possible to heat stock more selectively.  Its interchangeable door system makes the firebox opening easy to customize for specific tasks.  But don’t be fooled by it’s size.  This forge can handle production runs like pointing pickets, or If you do need long heats, the modular design allows for connecting two or more units together.  It’s also right at home in a small shop where space is at a premium.  The burner is removable, so you can pick it up and take it to a demo or job site with little effort. The main body of the forge consists of a 14ga. fabricated steel case lined with castable refractory (check local suppliers, and obtain refractory with at least a 2700° rating).  The face plates are 11ga. steel with lugs for hanging a variety of interchangeable doors.

Steel top work tables are used by blacksmiths for making layout drawings, welding, assembly and more.  This twin screw vise mounts flush with the table surface, adding more versatility to your table.