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When working on the diamond, it is not possible to strike the edge of the stock with a hammer without damaging it.  (One exception is straightening stock on edge with a wooden mallet.)  This spring swage permits backing up ½” square stock for the purpose of upsetting a square corner.  Information on how it is made and used appear in issue 147.

Along with the square corner swage, is this slot punching guide for working on the diamond.  Shown here are the first steps in making the tool.

Using the tools already shown, stock is prepared to make this thread-the-needle ornament.  Complete step by step instructions are shown.

Variations including a baluster, mounting bracket and split scroll round out the "working on the diamond" theme of this issue.

The idea for this design originated with a client who wanted a large sconce that permitted easy access for cleaning the interior glass.  A wall mounted vertical member supports the hinges.  The top is held by the upper portion of the vertical member.  The two designs are based on the same structure, but show two different styles.  Details for mounting the electrical components are not shown.