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This issue focuses on Don Plummer's offering of the Sorber Collection in the book "Colonial Wrought Iron". We selected examples of actual work from the book and created step by step explanations of how they could have been made. Included is this extendable candle holder made to be driven into a crevice or a wooden beam.

Excerpt from Issue #146 March 2003

One of the most recognizable features of colonial ironwork are broad mounting plates used in a wide variety of hardware. In this example we show how to make a door handle in this style.

Suffolk latch styles are the result of many years of evolutionary trials and improvements. Shown here are three of the nine examples in issue 146.

Hearth ware played an important part in the everyday existence of the colonists. Step by step illustrations on how to make this trammel appear in issue 146. The meat fork is actually of French origin, reflecting the fact that many items were imported from the europe.

This "Bullfrog" style hinge is from southeastern Pennsylvania. Six styles of hinges are presented this month.