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This technique involves forging a pattern, then sinking it in a die to develop it. Although the examples shown are small, it can be done any size. Issue 145 shows six designs and four sinking techniques.

Use this pedestal to display artwork, a vase and flowers, potted plant or whatever you desire. The design allows for flexible proportions, and the 1” stock shown here can be substituted with ¾” for a lighter look. The design theme centers around using an intermediate element other than the legs to support the top.

The theme for the pedestal is carried over to this table, leaving the legs as an independent element that does not support the table top. In this case the cross braces carry the top via intermediate supports held to the leg by tenons.

The Blacksmith’s Association of Missouri is assembling a new mobile teaching station designed to get beginners off to a good start. Featured this month is part of the manual we’ve contributed to be included with the program giving step-by-step basic techniques.