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We complete the lamp started in issue 142 with the shade this month. The lampshade frame must be curved and tapered to conform to a cone shape. In order to accomplish this, the flat stock that makes up the frame rails must first be bent on edge or “the hard way”. It is then bent the easy way to get the right curve. Details appear in issue 143.

Scale (iron oxide) on the surface of heated steel causes pitting, hinders forge welding and is generally considered a nuisance for blacksmiths. However the effect it has on iron is an unmistakable texture that defines hand forged ironwork. The trick is controlling it and not letting it ruin your work. Our guide to managing scale is broken down into three headings: Full Scale, Faux Scale and No Scale. Follow these simple guidelines and you will stay one step ahead of the harmful effects of scale.

In the November issue we indicated that we would explain how to make the shade for the featured table lamp. In the process, we came up with what we thought was a better shade, and covered it this issue. For those interested in how the original one is made, here’s an exploded view.