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Our pizza slicer is made fom a single piece of ¼"x ¾" stock. 1045 is a good choice because it has enough carbon to hold an edge. Stainless is also a good choice but is somewhat more difficult to forge. Whatever you use, this is an easy weekend project.

Rounding hammers provide a striking surface that is rounded more than a standard hammer but less than a ball peen hammer. Two common weights are 2½ pounds and 1½ pounds. The 1½” round W1 tool steel used for this project makes a 1½ lb. hammer.

Twists in round stock need to be made by developing irregularities in the cross section that will show up in a twist. There are four examples in issue 142.

Materials for this lamp include 1” square, 1”x 3” bar or plate, ½”x 1” flat and ¼” sch. 40 pipe. An optional ½”x 4” x 4” base plate is not shown. Electrical components not shown are available at most hardware stores.