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Our pot hanger bolts to the side of a building or to a post and will hold up to a 10” terra cotta flower pot (bracket not shown). Shop drawings and step by step illustrations show how it's done in issue 141.

This month's "How Was It Made" explores elements incorporated into gate balusters. The gate seems to be made with all traditional techniques, but closer inspection reveals fabrication techniques. The first clue is the rounded edges of the gate frame stock, and the absence of traditional joinery, indicating that it is fabricated square tubing. This led to the suspicion that the rest of the gate had to be a combination of forged and fabricated techniques. Using this evidence, we explore how it may have been made.

This method for making a belt buckle was sent to us by Louise Mcmillian, Salt Lake City. UT. it is made from ¼" twisted, welded together and stamped with a touch mark.