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This Arts and Crafts piece features elements inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Although there is some forged joinery in this piece, the style lends itself better to fabrication techniques. Much of the design is made by arc welding joints and finishing them smooth. Issue 140 covers all aspects of this project.

This sign bracket bolts to the side of a building or to a post. It features a ¾” thick auxiliary sign that can be used for street numbers, etc. The lower sign can be made of up to 1½” thick material.

Twists in round stock need to be made by developing irregularities in the cross section that will show up in a twist. There are four examples in issue 142.

Materials for this lamp include 1” square, 1”x 3” bar or plate, ½”x 1” flat and ¼” sch. 40 pipe. An optional ½”x 4” x 4” base plate is not shown. Electrical components not shown are available at most hardware stores.