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Issue 138 begins with this simple but elegant side table. Only eight mortise and tenon joints are required to hold it together. The top is 1” or 1½” thick hardwood.

The original design of this forge is by Don Hawley; the version shown here is by Pat McCarty, Washington, Mo. It is a “Johnson” style forge that places the work above the blast chamber rather than directly in it. Pat tells us he was able to put it together for less than $200. Plans and detailed views appear in #138

Basket twists are usually made in square bars, but this one starts with two split flat bars. Unlike a split square bar twist, the elements in this one can be filed or hammer finished before twisting.

A simple taper can easily be made more ornate with the use of a chisel. Several methods using different kinds of chisels are illustrated this month.

This eight element twist uses four 3/8" round bars and four 3/16" square bars welded to 5/8" round. The contrast between square and round makes an interesting pattern once twisted.