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The joinery for this railing has no rivets or welds and only one mortise and tenon per post. The baluster joinery is based on examples shown in “wrapped collars”, issue 96. Variations of this joint can be used in place of the one shown. Plans and step by step drawings show all the details.

The difference in mass between this post and its base presents a unique challenge when forging it. Perhaps the most efficient method is to draw material away from the base, this requires working heavy stock, and is best done with a power hammer. The alternative is to upset the material needed. We start with the later method using 5/8” square stock for the post. Other sizes are made in the same way.

Upsetting the post base shown above requires the use of a special die. This months issue shows two versions. One is easily fabricated but limited to short runs. The other is made of forged tool steel but requires the use of a power hammer or press to make it.

Issue 133 ends with some tips on how to work more efficiently. Shown are two fixtures for forging tapers in square, round, hexagon and octagon bars. Also shown is how to use a back up block while upsetting bars in a vise.