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Intended for use around a patio or deck, This wood burning heater provides light and a place to warm your hands on cool fall or early spring days. It incorporates a sandstone base that is drilled for ½” steel legs. Non-welded joinery is used throughout.

The idea behind this grate is to stand the fire up and radiate more heat into the room. The logs are placed on on end, thus providing a 12” vertical heat source -much more than with a standard grate where the fire is horizontal.

After building a fire using your new fire grate and then transferring it to the cresset to warm your hands, its time to have some fun on our “retro” two man sled. Traditional techniques can be used as shown, or, if you're in a hurry, the same design is easily fabricated. If you lack woodworking skills, the laminated runners can be made by others.