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Issue 131 opens with this two-tiered pot rack mounted perpendicular to ceiling joists. It spans three joists @ 16" on center, making it 48" wide. The in-line feature makes it handy for placing near walls or along counter tops. Multiple pot racks of this type can be used to hold specific kitchen tools where needed around the kitchen. The hooks slide on the round stock to accommodate a large variety of kitchen paraphernalia.

Also featured as part of the Pot Rack feature is information on slot punching round stock. Slot punching is a technique whereby a small portion of a bar is split open and drifted so that another bar may pass through it. Round stock is especially hard to split in this way, so we have presented some key techniques to help achieve predictable results.

At first glance this anvil plate looks like a tool tray, but when used in conjunction with a concrete anvil stand originally shown in issue 68, it becomes a solid surface for supporting a swage block or upsetting bars too long to be upset on the anvil face. Instructions on how to make and use it appear in issue 131.