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There are many ways to approach the design of a fire screen. They can be free standing, sliding on a track, or hinged. The free-standing variety carries with it the inconvenience if having to be set aside every time the need arises to maintain the fire. It is this concern that led to the design of this month's featured project. It is made of three components: the screen, a fixed frame and a fender. The screen is hinged so the fire can be maintained without setting it aside, but it is also easily removed for less frequent maintenance such as cleaning out the ashes.

The November issue also shows another approach to making a free-standing fire screen. The feature that makes this one unique is that the structure is used to keep the screen taut. It is spring loaded by levers on the backside of the uprights that also serve as design elements. This allows for a "frameless" design with built in aesthetic and functional tension.