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These shop-made roller stand looks right at home in a blacksmith shop. The same stands can be made by fabricating all the components, but the ones shown here require some forge work and riveted jonery. The base of one is made round so it can be tilted and rolled from place to place.

This combination hold-down/rest is intended for use with square or round stock. It is particularly useful for working square stock on the diamond. The hold-down component features a hook for attaching various amounts of weight.

Floor stands are hard to keep adjusted to the height of an anvil, this anvil rest solves the problem by attaching to the anvil itself. Adjustment for short to medium length stock is possible.

Two hand screws, one lever type and one knob type shown this month are made out of ¾” round stock. Both can be used for the roller stand and anvil rest shown in this issue.