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The November issue begins with an article on how to make hand forged turnbuckles, and then goes on to show how to make three decorative turnbuckles. These turnbuckles can be used in a variety of architectural work and decorative structural work.

Twisting tapered stock can be difficult because the weaker stock at the end of the taper wants to twist before the thicker stock at the base of the taper. This feature explains how to get around this problem and successfully make even twists right to the end of the taper.

An anvil is only as good as its base. Without a solid anvil it's impossible to get a truly solid blow from your hammer. Light springy anvil stands and a wobbly fit between the anvil and its base will make anvils ring louder and work less. This issue describes of some popular anvil stands and explains how good or bad they are.

Tool crib is back with an encore edition featuring Les Stanley's shop in Ontario Canada. A floor plan of the shop shows the camera angles for the photos included in the article.