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Two mason’s tools are featured in this months Journal. The first one, shown to the left, is a joint or “striking” tool used to finish the joints of block or brick once the mortar is partially set. It can be made out of 5/8” square tool steel or scrap such as a piece of grader blade as shown.

The second mason's tool is this stone cutting chisel. The blade is forged thin and wide to facilitate the cutting of stone or brick along a straight line. Blade widths vary from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2".

Many chisels require an upset end, and the stock needs to be held in both vertical and flat positions to properly forge the upset. The chisel tongs shown in issue 117 can be made to handle common chisel stock sizes held in these two positions.

Used in the place of more traditional joinery, wedges provide an unusual way for joining parts. They can be driven into a piece of hot metal that, when cool, pulls tight against the wedge. This technique and several variations appear in the May issue.

Pequea Forge (once Folly Forge) is the first shop-in-a-garage featured in ToolCrib. The trick is aranging the equipment around the vehicles that need to be parked in the shop/garage every night. Proprietor Al Stephens shows how it's done.