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The theme of this months Journal is hinged hardware other than hinges. Falling in this category are the two drawer pulls shown below and the draw latch shown here. The size of these items can be modified to work with a specific application by changing the parent stock sizes accordingly while keeping the same proportions.

Drawer Pull #1 borrows its style from the "Flair Scroll" shown in a previous issue of the Journal. The style is achieved by forging a bar curved on edge into a triangular section, then closing it up to get a three dimensional effect.

Drawer Pull #2 features a mounting plate forged from square stock and a handle made from flat stock. The two come together to form an interesting design.

Geromimo Bayard is the modern American Village Blacksmith. Oakland Oregon, where his shop is located, is a community with one main street and one of everything: one gas station, one bar and one blacksmith shop. He does repair work, horse shoeing, 18th century ironwork and teaches blacksmithing. He's also featured in this months ToolCrib.