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All the features in this issue center around a tenon-and-weld technique for T-joints. The technique makes possible the joining of two dissimilar sections with the combined strength of a tenon and forge weld. The first of these features, forging a clevis, is taken from a component of the C2k gate project that was first reported in issue 95.

Miniature anvils have long been a popular symbol for the blacksmiths’ trade. They are highly collectable, and the hand-made ones are very desirable. Issue 114 shows you how to make one. You can apply a scaled down version of your favorite brand of anvil to this technique.

Bick irons are similar to anvils, but they have no base. The end of a bick iron is commonly driven into a wood block or tapered stake holder for use. The bick iron shown this month is secured in the hardy hole of an anvil and used for working small pieces of steel or iron hot.

Tom Clarks Ozark School of Blacksmithing is ToolCrib's featured shop this month. Tom Clark and Israeli blacksmith Uri Hoffi have teamed up to make it all possible.