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All the techniques in issue 113 are based on the split cross popularized by Chris Friedrich in 1988. It all starts with the traditional method of making a “cross” and then expand into some methods to use the same technique in interesting new ways.

Splitting from both ends of square stock opens the possibility for making a variety of hardware items such as this ring. The remaining branches not formed into the ring can be used for mounting, or they too can be welded to make a double ring.

The finials featured in the January issue show the complexity possible when using split stock as the root technique. The examples shown are made from 5/8" square stock making them ideal for use as fence picket finials.

The split stock technique works well for making grill elements. The elements can be joined to make a variety of patterns. Two are shown in issue 113. One features a traditional method to join the elements, the other features welded joints embellished with rosettes.

If you like architectural ironwork, Kansas City is where you'll find it. You'll also find Austin's Ironworks where designer/blacksmith Steve Austin has been busy providing much of that ironwork over the past thirty years. ToolCrib provides the inside story this month.