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Tom Latané demonstrated how to make this candlestick at the 1999 Quad State Roundup, Troy OH. Only traditional methods including forging, cold chiseling and filing were used in its making. The October gives a blow by blow account of how Tom made this piece from start to finish.

The C2k ([ABANA] Conference 2000) gate nears the end of its design phase this issue. In the last update, joinery details for both the maquette and full-size gate were finalized. This update shows the foundation plan for the gate. Construction of the full-size gate is planned to begin in February 2000.

If you've ever installed driveway gates with hydraulic operators this feature's for you. Gate operators often require a positive stop located in the center of the driveway. Our stop attaches to the gate and eliminates the need for positive stops. It works in both open and closed positions.

ToolCrib visits Dan Nauman's Bighorn Forge this month. Dan turned his part-time hobby of blacksmithing into a full-time business and now has a steady stream of work. See how he did it in the October issue.