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Step by step illustrations take you through forging this hatchet inspired by Doug Merkel. It features a forge welded tool steel blade.

Slot punching in small round stock can be difficult without a back-up tool. This feature shows how to make the necessary back-up tools and then use them to make accurate slot punched holes.

These tee joints have a hidden element that gives them better proportions. The hole for the tenon is slot punched the same size as the parent stock, then plugged and redrilled for the tenon.

Beaded edges can encompass one or both sides of a bar. The three step process outlined in in this issue shows how it's done.

Designed for the C2k gate featured periodically in the Journal, this type of joinery holds round bars to the back bar of the gate. Additional elements applied to the back bar hide the welds when complete.

Todd Kinnikin is seen here drawing out stock on his 100 pound Bradley hammer. In addition to the bradley is a 300 pound Chambersburg and a 150 ton press. Todd's shop is featured in ToolCrib this month.